Scripture - Sacraments - Spirit

At Charity Community Church our mission is to restore all people to unity with God in Christ, through Proclaiming the Scriptures,  Celebrating the Sacraments, by the Empowerment of the Spirit, and through the ministry of every member!



We are  an Evangelical,  Sacramental,  Spirit-filled congregation.

Evangelical because we affirm the authority of the Holy Scriptures and emphasize relevant, biblical preaching and teaching. Our statements of faith are expressed in the Nicene and Apostles Creeds.

Sacramental because we believe that God has entrusted the sacraments to the church as tools used by God to minister His truth and grace to the world to "act out" the work of Christ.

Spirit-filled because we rely upon the Holy Spirit to fill and empower His church. We believe that God, through His Spirit, desires us to have a dynamic, vital and life-filled relationship with Him.

We hope that, whatever your faith background, you will find your worship experience with us to be inspiring , uplifting, and most of all, Christ-centered.